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Owner Maria Busby


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John Rose
With 30 years of experience in the business covering every aspect John is our estimator and all round hero.

Busbys from 1934 to 2013

Busbys Carpets 1950s Busbys Carpets & Flooring 1970s Busbys Carpets & Flooring 1970s Gary Busby & show girls Albany Van Busbys Carpets Doris Busby Our Founder Roy Busby Busbys Carpets & Flooring busby-xmas-small_edited-1-1 busby-xmas-small3

About Us

D Busby & Son was founded in 1934 in Hayes by Doris Busby  A pioneer of her day, when a women in business was a rare thing. The business has been passed down through the family from one generation to the next with Maria Busby as the current owner director.

Unlike some retailers, our prices are not artificially inflated in order to show an “amazing reduction”  Our prices are very competitive, if they were not we would not still be here after 79 years!

I hope you enjoy the photos of us through the years
Maria Busby

Mission Statement

To give our customers honest guidance in product selection, to suit their design ideas and their pockets.

To actively promote a Genuine pricing policy ££££££

To advance the use of  British wool from British  farmers where ever possible

To to use British manufacturers were ever possible.

To work with the Carpet foundation to promote the highest standards.

To be worthy of the trust our customers have in us.