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Miss Quinn, Ruislip

Amazing.. speedy service, im so happy that i came to Busbys and would recommend them without hesitation.

Mrs Paul, Eastcote

Hi Maria, my new carpet looks great, the colour is perfect and my house feels like a home again ! Thank you ever so much. Mrs Paul Eastcote

Managing the Product Boxes on the Homepage

To change a product box on the homepage, follow these steps. Step 1: Find the box you would like to edit by looking for it under Pages   Step 2: Within the page, delete the image and text.   Step 3: Choose a new picture and upload it. Before inserting it into the page, find the field marked Link To on… Read more »

Managing Images for the Web

The Website contains some areas where an image needs to be of a certain size. The Carousel being a notable example.   The Carousel The Carousel requires an image to be at least 1000 Pixels wide in order for it to fill the space. Anything smaller than this gets left alone.   Identifying an Image’s… Read more »

Managing the Homepage Reviews

HOW TO ADD A NEW REVIEW TO THE HOMEPAGE The animated Review block on the homepage is handled separately from the Review page. To add a testimonial here, click on the Testimonials button in the Admin Menu Step 1: To edit a review, click on the existing review and edit the content. This is similar procedure to editing the reviews… Read more »

Adding or Removing Services

The services list, with its juicy big tick can be edited through the Services page, found under Services in the Page list.   The text editor in WordPress allows you to make very simple lists, like you would in Microsoft Office.   To add a service, place your cursor on the end of the last… Read more »

Managing the Directions Box

The directions box can be edited like any other page, but there is extra code present which needs to be preserved to make the drop down function work.   Changing the Text The areas marked red are what control the drop down boxes. To change the text inside these simply edit everything in between these…. Read more »

Managing Images in a Gallery

Each block of images on a page is assigned it’s own Gallery. If you wanted to delete a few images from Busbys from Past to Present here is what you would do: DELETING IMAGES FROM A GALLERY Step 1: Click on Gallery in the bottom left hand side of the Admin Menu   Step 2: Click on Manage Gallery and select… Read more »