Managing the Homepage Reviews


The animated Review block on the homepage is handled separately from the Review page.

To add a testimonial here, click on the Testimonials button in the Admin Menu

Step 1: To edit a review, click on the existing review and edit the content. This is similar procedure to editing the reviews on the Review page. Where Title is the content that shows below the wording.

Step 2: To add a new Review, click on New Testimonial in the sidebar. You’ll then be brought to a page where you can Add a title and written content.



To find the controls for the Review Box, navigate to Appearance > Widgets > Home-Testimonials > Testimonials Widget: Reviews


The Title Field: This changes the title text seen on the homepage.

Title Link: This could be used to make the title Reviews link to the review page.

Advanced Options: Clicking here gives you further options. Below are some notable ones.

Character Limit: Defines the number of characters displayed here. Starting from the first letter of the post it cuts off the content with a “…” when the post is longer than 160 letters.

Note: It is currently set at 160 characters as this is the number that allows the box to stay at the correct height to fit the layout. Using a higher character limit will cause this box to become bigger than its surroundings. 

Limit: Defines how many posts to show. Currently set to 5 but can be increased or decreased

Note: Decreasing this to 1 will prevent the fade animation from happening

Order By Date: Shows the reviews in order of the date you added them to the website

Order by Order: Descending: Starts with the animation with the most recent review

Random Order: Currently ticked so rather than going by order of date, it shows a random one to begin with. This way returning visitors will see a new one each time.

Rotation Speed: Controls (in seconds) how long each block of text stays on the page for.