Installation Guide

Before your installation

There are several things, which must be done before your carpet is installed.

  1. Boil the Kettle Your floorlayers run on tea, biscuits are also most welcome.


  2. Furniture The room should be free of any furniture unless we have agreed to assist for a charge of £40 per room, for this price your floorlayer will move standard furniture, meaning any item two men can comfortably move. Please check your sales order to make sure this has been included if you require it. 

    Be Advised:

    If the below has not been done when the fitter arrives, we will automatically add a surcharge of an additional £60 to your outstanding balance.

    • Remove all valuables, lamps, plants, knick-knacks etc or any glass or crystal for example from cabinets.
    • If fitting in bedrooms where the bed cannot be removed make sure all linen and the mattress is removed.
    • Disconnect all electrical equipment TV’s etc cords must be fastened and ready to move.
  3. Speciality Items  For any items in the home that require more care and expertise to move, you will need someone with the suitable expertise to move these items. We cannot move grand or baby pianos, grandfather clocks, waterbeds, aquariums, computers, pool tables or very large flat screen TV’s.
  4. Kitchen and Utility Rooms White goods such as washing machine, dish washer, fridge-freezer as well as gas appliances must be unplumbed or disconnected, for your safety we recommend a specialist appliance company to disconnect and reconnect such these appliances.
  5. If you have chosen to have the fitters uplift and remove of your existing carpet, there is a charge of £3 per sq.m.

    Be Advised:

    If the above has not been agreed and the existing flooring is still in place when the fitter arrives, we will charge £4 per Square Metre + A £40 additional charge to remove.

  1. Skirting If the new carpet’s pile is shorter than the existing floor covering, you may need to touch up your skirting boards with paint or stain in addition when fitters install carpet it is impossible not to touch the skirting’s therefore scratches and nicks are inevitable it is recommended you have some paint or stain left over for any touch ups that may be required post fitting.
  2. Stairs Normal stair installation requires cutting and fitting to the sides and draping carpet over the stairs in a waterfall effect. There is a surcharge for fitting this area, rates will depend upon the type of stairs you have.
  3. Seams Some carpets will require a seam due to width restrictions. If a seam is necessary refer to your sales person for locations, we will require a signature to confirm approval of positioning before we can proceed with installation. We cannot guarantee any seam to be invisible, even though our fitters are skilled tradesmen you may be able to see seams. Some seams will be more visible than others depending on the carpet selected this is quite normal and to be expected.
  4. Post Installation Please check over the fitters work before they leave, if you notice something that you would like changed or fixed, please tell the fitter at the time to avoid him returning at a later date.
  5. Payment All orders require a 50% deposit, the outstanding balance is payable when the fitting date is booked.
    Providing you with the best service and products possible is our main objective. We hope you are completely satisfied and we appreciate you allowing us to serve you. By following this guide we aim to help you help us to enjoy a stress free installation all round.