Changing A Blocks Title

You’d think that by changing the title of a Page, you could change the title on the website?

Unfortunately not! This is possibly the most cantankerous part of WordPress, but it needn’t be daunting.


First, hover your mouse over Appearance in the admin menu.

From the pop-out menu, click on Widgets

Note: Widgets are customised areas of the WordPress website. These are what developers use to turn WordPress from a rather dull Blog, into a flexible website. 

The Widgets page contains a lot of baffling information, but all you’re interested in is the section on the right hand side. Everything here that you can change follows the same naming convention.

Anything marked with Pagetitle-Pagesection is related to the blocks on your pages.


Step 1: Identify the Widget that you need to change. As above, each Widget available to edit is represented as “Page Title” – “Page Section”

In this case, lets say we’d like to change the Title used on the Welcome to Busbys message, which show on the homepage.

The Widget that controls this welcome message is shown here as “Home-Welcome“.


Step 2: Now that you have found the Widget to edit, click on the downward pointing arrow to open it up.

In this section you will see a lozenge with the wording “Page in Widget:” followed by the title of the page.

In this case, it’s Page in Widget: Welcome to Busbys.

Bingo! You’re 100% sure this is the correct place to edit now.


Step 3: Click the Page in Widget lozenge to expose its edit options.

The drop down section you will see allows you to choose a different page to show instead of the one selected. Clicking on this will give you a list of all the pages on the website.

But you’re only interested in the Title: block. By changing the text in this block you can change the text in the title section.

Hit the blue Save button to make this change permanent