Managing the Product Boxes on the Homepage

To change a product box on the homepage, follow these steps.

Step 1: Find the box you would like to edit by looking for it under Pages


Step 2: Within the page, delete the image and text.


Step 3: Choose a new picture and upload it. Before inserting it into the page, find the field marked Link To on the right hand side.

From the drop down list, choose None. Beneath this, under Image Size chose Thumbnail. 


This step is crucial, as setting up the image to link to a page also makes the image appear as the correct size on the Home Page.

Step 4: Beside the image, write in the text you would like.

Step 5: Once your text is in place, highlight it and click on the Link Icon. 




From the box that pops up, search for the page you would like the text to link to. And click Add Link


This step is also crucial as the text needs to be linked with a page in order for it to appear above the image.


Step 6: Publish your changes and check the homepage to make sure that they work.